By B. H. Hardaway, III

This Book tells the story of Ben Hardaway’s life as a foxhunter. It chronicles his early love of hunting and continues with his growth as a hunter, and his emergence as one of the world’s foremost breeders of foxhounds. His story is documented anecdote by anecdote, depicting Hardaway’s exploits at home and abroad. It is rife with characters who had a profound influence on Hardaway’s life and his development as a hunter and breeder. Though biographical in nature, the book serves as a guide to breeding, training, and hunting a pack of hounds. It is not scientifically technical in its perspective, but rather is told by the Master himself in prose which is crisp, earthy, and lends to the reader a refreshing ambiance seasoned with the trademark Hardaway humor.


"It is a really worthwhile hunting book, easily one of the best contemporary works on the subject; it is thoroughly deserving a good response from hunting people in all the English speaking countries, and probably in France too." --Michael Clayton, Editor of Horse & Hound


"Foxhunters around the world have much to learn from Ben Hardaway - about hound breeding, and about generosity of spirit." –Alexander Mackay-Smith, M.F.H.


"Move over Henry Higginson, Joe Thomas, Mason Houghland and Alexander Mackay-Smith. Here comes Ben Hardaway, a master story-teller who has devoted his life to breeding a foxhound that can burn a fox in the nethermost regions of his anatomy."(The author’s language is actually far more colorful.)—Norman M. Fine, Editor - Covertside



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