Fox Hunting in Afghanistan


We recently received an email from one of our many friends.  Major Rick Jochim
 spent his last two days before shipping out of Fort Benning in March of 2002
 hunting with the Midland Fox Hounds, albeit via a 4-wheeled vehicle.

We were pleased to get the following message from Major Jochim:

Dear Rick,

As you may have heard, I am in Afghanistan now - chasing Taliban instead of foxes. Didn't have but a few months between, Bosnia and here. I miss my hounds and my kennel huntsman reports they miss me too.

Saw a big silver-back dog fox last week while inspecting an ammo bunker site. He bolted from his earth and made a line for a rocky covert. I found the only blade of grass within a mile and formed a injured rabbit call - I called him back, he made a large circle around me then went to ground in his original earth. He didn't know how happy he made me - I left him the meaty part of my MRE to say mananah, thanks...
...and thanks for sending the Midland updates, G'night

Major Jochim
MFH & Huntsman, Cedar Top Foxhounds


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