Never Outfoxed - In Full Cry

    NEVER OUTFOXED - IN FULL CRY is a comprehensive documentary currently in production about Ben Hardaway's life.  At its heart is the story of a boy who fell in love with the chorus of the hounds one night in the Georgia woods; a glimpse into the life of a special man whose driving passion and natural connection to hounds and hunting led him to create a new strain of foxhound now known as the "Hardaway Crossbred."

    NEVER OUTFOXED - IN FULL CRY is a chance for viewers to see the man, hear the voice and sense the passion that has inspired breeders of hundreds of packs across North America, the British isles and Australia.  The wide dispersal of Midland blood ensures that “the sun never sets on a Hardaway Hound!”

    Through classic documentary techniques of scripting and interviews, NEVER OUTFOXED - IN FULL CRY will be rich with the highlights and lessons of a character best seen to be believed. It will be a lasting companion to Mr. Hardaway’s autobiography, Never Outfoxed, and will feature excerpts from his book as flashbacks to a few of the memories he values most.

    This one-of-a-kind documentary, a collectors item, will be distributed across North America and overseas. Although there are a number of memorable fox hunting memoirs currently available, there is only one Ben Hardaway.

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